I Live My Life by the Moon
2002-03-06 06:09:40 (UTC)

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Watching Buffy tonight has made me realize how much I love
that show. I am so emotionally invested. When Xander and
Anya had their sort-of break-up tonight, I got all weapy
because I just care so much about them. I know they're not
real people, but to me they might as well be. I don't
disassociate the actors from the characters.

And next week's promo!?!?!?! AHHHHH!!! If they've been
lying to me all this time about Buffy, I am going to go
insane. They men in white coats will have to take me away
and convince me I don't live in Sunnydale, that it's all in
my head.

I'm talking to Jack online now, and, of course, we're
talking about Shell. I want to talk to him about it, but I
am self-conscious, sort of, because he knows that I have a
crush on him and I don't want to sound like I am trying to
break-up their relationship. I asked him to think if their
relationship is based solely on sex. He said it's not
because she's only blown him 4 times in 6 months. He likes
that she would do it, but now she doesn't want to. And that
is understandably frustrating.

Anyway, my new goal is to not talk about Dave anymore. I am
just not gonna do it. If I stop talking about him,
hopefully I can stop thinking about him. All will be easier
next year when he is gone. Not that he's going to college
or anything, but not at Acalanes is good enough for me.

I think that's all for now.

I'm surprisingly tired so I'm gonna chill.