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2002-03-06 05:37:54 (UTC)

Ketchup part two 9.38p

okay, where was I?...Oh, I stayed at the library until
about 3:30, then I went out to the table where we (me, G,
R, and some other people usually go before our SAT prep
class. Our class starts at 3:45, but it is incredibly
boring, so we went about 20 minutes late. The class was
about tree hoours long. Then I had to go to JD immediatly
after. When I arrived, I spent the small amount of time I
had before our meeting pacing, going over the work I had
tried to memorize the night before and that day. My
concentration was terrible. I don't know if I haven't been
getting enough sleep (although I think I have) or if my
mind was just on other things. Well, fortunately,
everything fell into place and I pulled it off almost
flawlessly. I must be more lucky than I thought.
I got home at about 10:30pm and got ready for bed, but I
donn't think I fell asleep until 12 or so. I just had too
much on my mind (suprisingly, good stuff).

Today (tuesday) was a normal day as far as school
goes...French= boring, but tolerable. US History= completly
retarded and not worth my time. English= useless garbage
(today, anyway...). Psychology= informative and as usual,
rather interesting. I left psychology early to keep score
for the baseball game with Caitlin. It was really fun. We
lost, but the guys played an awesome game. It was tied for
the majority of the game. We went into two extra innings
and the other team won by one.

So, now I am here.

Jeepers...I forgot one of the most enlightenting
experiences (not really)I have had in the last two days. G
informed me via passing notes in SAT class that most people
think Selfish Liar is gay. He said that they think the
reason he always has a girlfriend is because he feels he
has to hide his sexuality behind them. Believable.
However, I have since then thought of so many examples
which prove this theory correct... here are a few...
He always wears girls' jewelry and things (not his own,
but belonging to others) (including a pink, beaded bracelet
of mine) He claims these items are "unisex" ...yeah...
Simple things: the way he walks, talks, dresses... he
carries a slightly fruity looking orange messenger bag to
He is far too "buddy buddy" with male friends...
When we were in trig., H and M were asking us (mostly me)
who we thought the best looking guys at our school. Well
first of all, Selfish liar came up with far, far more guys
than I did. and on top of that he gave examples of why!

Now, in no way am I against homosexuality. I am against
people who hide their identities from others.

I want to remember another dream... I'm going to "try"