Roguish Nymph

2001-05-08 17:25:12 (UTC)

Well, this is the first entry..

Well, this is the first entry of mine, in a diary of any
kind and I've made this available to the public. Where to
start? I guess the appropriate place would be an
introduction. To begin with, I'm an 18 year old girl in her
senior year of high school. I graduate in 20 days and
counting! I've been accepted to my first pick college and
start there in the fall. I really can't wait. It's almost
like I've made it past the stuff I didn't like so I can
finnally begin the work I love. I'll be studying pre-
veterinary medicine for 4 years before going to vet school.
I plan to study medicine outside of the country if I can.
We'll see when the time comes. At the present time I work
at a vet office doing tech work, which includes x-rays,
surgeries, taking blood, ect. The doctor I work with is a
great person and friend and has been very patient with me
so far. And I admit I've demanded it sometimes!

I'm also an aunt already to a wonderful boy, now 14 months,
named Devon. He's great. He lives with my mom since my
sister refuses to grow up and take responsibility. But I'm
sure it's for the best. My youngest sister, Amber, helps
with him also and I'm very proud of her for doing so.

I live with my grandmother and cousin. I help them out with
the house, bills or anything else they need. It works out
good. It's more like living with good friends than family.
And, by the way, my family means the world to me.

I suppose that's about it right now. Enjoy your reading and
send me any comments you might have.