Like a book
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2001-05-08 17:03:51 (UTC)

Little Miss Alone


I like rounders, it's fun and I can hit the ball far. Great.
But I'm not sure about cricket, the whole getting hit in the
eye thing was little off putting. My Biology homework is
bascially utter crap, it seems that my general knowledge
spans the width of an ant (that's the second time I've
criticised ants, I hope none of you are insect activists.)

Tests a'comin, I should really be learning my Latin vocab
and brushing up the cobwebs that cover the Shakespeare
stories but I really couldn't give a damn, I fail: get
kicked out of school and go to one more suited to me. of
course that is wrong, I doubt my parents would be pleased
and I feel I owe it to them not to be a complete failure,
perhaps a low key job as a bank robber would do nicely.

**carpe diem quod tempus fugit**