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2002-03-06 03:35:43 (UTC)

ketchup part one 7.36p

Gosh...I haven't written in a few days. Lets see...monday
was a pretty good day. I got to miss physics (yay!). In
photography, we filmed the intro videos for our webpages.
As soon as mine is up I'll post the address. It's going to
rock. My intro is in sign language. How bomb is that? d00d,
this was probably the highlight of my day. While me and V
were filming, camera dude J came over and talked to me for
like 10 minutes. He is so awesome. I haven't had an actual
conversation with him in a such long ass time. Right before
we started to film, he said that it would be better if we
were at a different angle. I was sitting on the ledge at
the bottom of the stairs outside (kind of high up. High
enough that if I jumped off it would hurt my feet). Since
he thought it would be better if I faced a different
direction, he moved me. He did! He grabbed my legs and
turned me around. I almost fell off! How embarrasing would
that have been? And painful. I actually understood the
trig. work!!! I'm so happy for me. Maybe this will give me
a chance to raise my grade. Hmmm, what else? Oh,
yeah...after school I went out to play basketball with G
and R, but I couldn't because I was wearing sandals. I
didn't want to watch, so I went to the library to memorize
some JD stuff for later that night.

Will continue later...