My Teenage Life
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2001-05-08 16:15:41 (UTC)

Schoool :(

Had to go back to school today :o( But it was ok, and there
is only 8 days left of school now until study leave.

Louise was doing me head in again, even just little things.
I won't see her as much when we leave school though,
because she's going to college and I'm staying on at sixth

Had a spanish GCSE speaking test this morning, it was
really hard, but the student teacher who we've been having
for spanish did it, and he was mouthing what the question
he was asking meant in english. Which was cool but i still
couldn't remember how to say "they are" when wanting to
say "they are nice"
I totally went to pieces, but I did have a second go at my
role play because a teacher had to come in half way through
my first go - so the second time, I knew exactly what to
Hmm..confusing I know.

Saw Ashley a few times today which was great. Ashley is the
only person I fancy in school. He's not in my year but he
is fiiine.
One of his mates, mohammed, is a total prick, and tried to
spread these lies around about me - he asked me to give him
a wank, and i wouldn't so he went round telling everyone i
did. pffft lads - so immature (except the odd few) But I
found out that ashley hates mohammed anyway and called him
a dickhead. :) wooo!

I'm glad Ronnie O'Sullivan won the snooker last night, he's
my favourite player and totally deserved to win.
On the subject of sport... I'm hoping that my team,
Liverpool, beat Chelsea tonight. We should do anyway,
Chelsea aren't exactly on top form right now.

Heather apologised for saying she was jealous about Mark
and me and said she was just in a bad mood that day, I
gave her a hug and told her it was OK and that i was sorry
for making her feel jealous. She told me not to be silly.
I'm glad that's sorted anyway.

Neil upset me a bit yesterday, after him texting me and
apologisng and stuff, I asked him when he came online what
he was apologising for and he said "for going offline
quickly again and for not sending that email to peter - I
always let u down"
that upset me because I don't like him thinking things like
that. :( I told him he hadn't let me down at all but he
wasn't having any of it.
The way I see it is that you haven't let someone down
unless they feel let down, if they don't feel let down then
you haven't let them down - surely that makes sense?
Wish my friends like Neil would realise that they do help
me, they talk to me when i'm down and try and make me feel
better. But they always think they haven't helped me.
Like, the other day when i was upset about what Aon said,
he was trying his very best to make me smile and then at
the end said he knew he hadn't helped me!
I just thought...well i dunno but i was smiling the next
day, as i told him, at the thought of him doing that - it
was really nice and shows he cares.

Paul and I went to RE (Unlike the rest of the class)
because the teacher doesn't even try and teach us so we
went to sit off and listen to the radio on his walkman. We
had a laugh, I really like Paul - he's funny and we have a
laugh (esp. today!)
We do skit each other, but only in a matey way.

YaY, Aon just came online. hehe - last night, he was joking
that he'd love a shrine to him so I told him that if i gave
him my website address and he went to it and it was about
him he'd crap himself. But he said he wouldnt lol so i have
created a website and am gonna do it for a joke but not
give ne1 the address but him lol should be funny.

Anyway I'm going to go and copy my papa roach album for my
friend stuart seeing as he copied 2 offspring albums a
while back for me before I bought them, and talk to Aon.


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