Lifeless Glitter
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2002-03-06 03:18:01 (UTC)


This is cool. I'm not
I'm going to copy and paste a convo...and change the
sns...and put comments in
BaDHaBiT: oh god
BaDHaBiT: my life just got worse
Pop Ur I: how
BaDHaBiT: this nasty whore at my school likes me
Pop Ur I: aww....poor chris :'(
BaDHaBiT: uh huh
Pop Ur I: sorrie
BaDHaBiT: me too
BaDHaBiT: god
Pop Ur I: umm..?
BaDHaBiT: she asked if i was still goin out with that one
chick.. i say no.. then she starts hittin on me
Pop Ur I: is she online?
BaDHaBiT: uh huh
BaDHaBiT: :-(
BaDHaBiT: she's on ICQ tho
Pop Ur I: u could say ur going out with me lol
BaDHaBiT: nah can't lie bout that she'll tell everyone and
people will get mad at me cuz they think i try and not let
em know bout it
Pop Ur I: uh...k...
BaDHaBiT: yeah
BaDHaBiT: i liked being friends with this one girl who
liked me and when i was honest and told her bout me and
becca she got pissed
BaDHaBiT: can't make it worse
Pop Ur I: :-(
BaDHaBiT: yeah
BaDHaBiT: i'm going to eat sumfin in a sec

BaDHaBiT: so be prepared
Pop Ur I: k
BaDHaBiT: lol
Pop Ur I: lol
BaDHaBiT: going to eat cya
BaDHaBiT: be back later
BaDHaBiT: or u can call either one
BaDHaBiT: mom isn't here she's at work so it doesn't matter
what time
Pop Ur I: k

Auto response from BaDHaBiT: Damnit Leave Me Alone

How pretty was THAT conversation?...Heh heh heh...

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