Living In The Dark
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2002-03-06 02:09:54 (UTC)

Graveyard Shift

I work two jobs. My main occupation is a technician at a
live theatre. My secondary, just-for-some-extra-cash, job
is taking calls at an answering service. In the middle of
the night, when you are really sick and trying to get a
hold of your doctor, it's me you are talking to. I'll let
you in on a little secret - your doctor is busy sleeping
and s/he doesn't care if your ankle hurts. Save yourself
some time, go to Emergency.

I have been training during daytime hours for the last
month because when I move to the graveyard shift, I will be
on my own. Yes, there is training involved, and it is
actually very detailed. The system has been made as simple,
yet as impossible, as it could have been. We answer calls
for over 400 different clients and it is important to know
at least something about each of them.

Tonight I will sit in on my first graveyard shift. I'll
work from midnight until 4am with another girl who works
nights regularly. I'm glad to be finally switching over. I
know I'll be lonely, but sometimes the company I did have
during the day was less than desirable.

I'm hoping that I will adjust quickly to this change in my
time clock and that I will be able to recuperate on the
nights that I don't work. When the dust settles, I will be
on shift Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11pm until
7am. I've been ordered (and I've promised in return) to
quit this extra job the moment I start feeling burnt out.

Where's my sign out sheet?


Often I have made pacts
With the international parts
Of myself -
Those which beat to a different drum -
To respect and support
Their natures, cultures, traditions
For a share of their energy in return.