I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-03-06 01:50:34 (UTC)


Brr!! Yet another frigid day in the land of the mouse!! But
I love it, this weather is gorgeous. I get to wear all my
cold weather clothes and I look much better in them than my
hot weather clothes. Got a 97% on my math test. Yay for
me!! I'm really proud of myself. Technically, I should be
doing more math homework, and working on my speech, but
that is besides the point. I did get a job, but it was
lying to people to get them to pay $600 for a Florida
vacation. I can't do that. I mean, I can lie for myself,
and talk myself into things, but I refuse to do that for
other people. I will not be responsible for that. In other
news, the doctor crisis has been cleared up and all is well
on that front. I can't help it, I overreact when it comes
to myself. It's like, I'm always so positive for other
people, but so down on myself. Why is that? Is that normal?
I wonder. I have a lot to do, but just no motivation. I
need to do something about that. Don't know what just yet.
Otherwise, it's the same as usual. Boring old me. Till next