*Bubbles and Ducks*
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2002-03-06 01:37:20 (UTC)


I'm falling really hard for these guys Anthony and
Brett. Anthony is the new kid and well he's got kinda bad
acne but not as bad as like half the other guy. Brett is
really sweet. Like if he does something mean he'll
apologize. And he flirts almost as much as I do. Anthony on
the other hand has the locker two down from me and doesn't
know I'm alive except maybe that I got ZAPped on his first
day here and I had to ask him out. Jaclyn keeps trying to
embarass me and will push me into him. Oh yeah!! I was paid
$5.00 for asking to sit in his lap so he know me from that.
It's so wierd he always seems to be around me. Whenever I
look around he's always there.
I don't know if I mentioned him before, but at this
student government lock-in I met this really cute, and
sweet guy named Henry. I got his sn and we chatted a couple
of times but now he's never on! Ugh!! LoL! Oh yeah!! I
started to type up a huge entry about the lock-in and I was
like half way through and I had already taken up a page
when I accidentaley deleted it all!! I was too pissed at
myself to retype it.
My mom says I'm becoming depressed. It's so wierd. I
cry so easy at home and the slightest lil thing seems like
too much. But at school everything is fine. Ugh. I'm way
too emotional.
Well I think I now kinda understand what Bridget is
going through.Well I gotta go. Later!!


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