life as it is
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2002-03-06 01:31:14 (UTC)


At the current moment in time I am supressing the urge to
call J. I know i'll end up doing it anyway, but i dont want
to. reasons that I want to: 1. I am still in love with him
2. I miss talking to him 3. I am very bored and i do not
wish to watch more tv or do my homework 4.I need someone to
talk to AHHH!!.......hmm. reasons I dont want to: 1. I'm
still in love with him. 2. He is not in love with me. 3.its
like that big bruise, you know its gonna hurt but you wanna
push it anyway. would just be bad. So alas, here is my
predicament. I need to get out of the house, but i have no
where to go. mabye i'll just go to sleep early.