The jerk files
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2002-03-06 01:22:55 (UTC)

Cd's almost done.


Cd finished?

Well hello! This is Joey again. I am sorry i haven't
updated this darn thing for a loong time. I have been in
the studio for what seemed like an eternity. But finally
after forever, we are finished with all the recording. All
we have to do now is mix it and send it away for mastering.
It's awesome! I can't wait to hear it. From the 6 songs i
have heard, it sounds good. Hmm, let's see what else is
new... Nothing much. I have the world's worst memory too. I
have had the best days since...well, forever! I am soo
happy right now. I hated MC for a while but it's not soo
bad. I still can't wait for graduation though. ;) It's
going to be...well. cool!

Anyways, i am going to go now. I have to go to night
school now. I hope you (the reader) don't find this dang
journal too boring. Although it, no doubt, is. Have a great

3sided's cd comes out soon. If interested, email me.

[email protected] (it's alternative-pop modernistic
God bless,