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2001-05-08 13:26:33 (UTC)

May meaure

i am so frustrated. actually now i'm depressed. i went to
curves today and took my measure an i'm tellin ya this is
so hard. i went up everywhere except my bust .. went down
an inch and a half in that .. and heh.. i don't mind that
at all ! but i gained 5 an 1/2 more pounds.. so a total of
16 since i started working out..(march 3/01 was my first
day) it's now may 7. well i know it's not the food but hmm
getting a little nervous now.. i want to just quit but this
little voice inside my head says well what if i lose. what
if it does come off with this and what if it's just taking
time to get started?

if any of you have had a familiar experience with exercize
and muscle etc.. please offer me your words of
encouragement and wisdom.

there is one factor i have thought of .. i just began an ab
machine in april which i had not used.. do 150 and maybe
that is why my ab went up. well i will keep you posted.. i
went and worked out monday.. walking today i think.. it's a
gorgeous day out.. anyway .. have a good one all and wish
me luck .. bbye

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