my diary of me
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2001-05-08 11:23:47 (UTC)

What a bitch! (0r mayb i'm just overly sensitive)

Free period...& hows the first day back been?...pretty
average i'd say, could b worse could b better, its the last
week, hooray!! COULDNT believe his mother..."haven't u 2
broken up yet?" (with a smile)...HOW DO I TAKE THAT?!Merely
with a smile coz mayb its just coz he usually gets bored
easily and this is the longest he's been in a relationship?
3 months isnt that long! Mayb my fears are rite, is she
implying that she thinks i'm boring and so not his type,
BITCH, makes me dislike her even more, how can a person b
so false and up themself, i'm in no way beneath her i can
tell u...Ok ok i know we wont break up, he dotes on me,
thats a fact, only a week left in college 2gether, he's
doting on me even more than usual...coming to mine 2 watch
the football on Sat, will b nice and sit there and watch it
quietly (dutifully).
So glad only a week left, had enough, had enough of
these 2 yrs of popularity contests and the whole Oscars
cermony thing...a celebration of the popular and their time
here...well thats not biased or anything. Nice 2 b me 4 a
change when i start afresh in Sept, me and not the me
moulded by this particular society...
Must go do some work, will prolly write some more later,
i'll get over the whole mother issue, i just need a voodoo
doll and a couple of pins...

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