my pathetic life
2002-03-06 00:09:02 (UTC)


god damnit! i hate being pissed off. i was watchin tv
downstairs and my father comes down and starts sayin some
shit tryin 2 b funny. i ask him to stop, then he goes off
on this shit "o what am i not the funniest man ever?". no
ur annoying(i told him that) then told him 2 please (i said
please)quick (i was in a bad mood beforehand). then he gets
testy. "andrea, u can decide what type of relationship we
have" they hole time im sayin 2 myself, i really would like
not to have a relationship at all but i dont c that
happennin anytime soon. then he says "if u cant control ur
anger u have some serious problems" well i replied with
well i guess i do y dont u send me back to the pychatrist!
(whoa thats a totaly wrong spelling). some times i cant
take it. isnt it completly childish that they only thing i
can think to do when i cant take them anymore is 2 runaway
for a while? well until i get another brite idea i guess
running away will have 2 do.well 2nite i was gona talk to
my parents about me switching schools but after that i dont
think it would b a good time.

well i really like girl scout cookies, they're really good.
i had like a sleeve in the past *trienta minutos*(thats
some crapy spanish for ya). its kinda funny, i eat all
those cookies and i spent a hour and a 1/2 workin out
today. oh well.

well its time again for me to talk about things that piss
me off...
i dont understand how girls that are (or i think) uglyer
than me get more play than me. ok i admit it im not a very
pretty girl, thats ok, but some of these girls are a lot
uglyer that me. i mean what is it? am i really that
annoying or boring, or both or am i just really gross?and
well some people have made some good points, i would want
anything from most of their boyfriends. but still their
boyfriends arnt at all interested in me and never will be.
no ugly guys like me, no cute guys like me.maybe i should
just go for girls, wait no amount of non-play could make me
degrade myself to dealing with annoying girls(i dont no how
guys do it, i cant stand most girls). ya well im leaving

"chase what makes your heart flutter"