the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-03-05 23:14:02 (UTC)

I hate this family , school and my life

I fucking give up .. thats right .. I don't give a fuck
about anything anymore .. I feel so fucking sick all the
god damn time .. nothing I seem to do is making it
better .. I feel like the damn outsider right now in my
group b/c there are 2 haters in thegroup and I want to
shoot them .. I mean fuck Monica get over it !!!!!! its
been a damn month
ne ways so yeah school sucks my teachers suck .. I wanna
move back to Corpus .. I hate my fucking swim team coach
and all the stuck up memeber on it .. u know when u hear
Cinco snobs well that is not shit that is sooo true
everylast person there is a fucking snob and I am tired of
it .. I am tired of the teachers acting like they work for
God when they work for the damn tax payer which would be me
and my dad .. ! and fuck .. I am pissed off at Josh and I
hate the fact that I am not able to make the grades it
feels like everyone is ganging up on me and I have 9 weeks
to get my grades up and I can't see it happening and fuck I
am so pissed off I wanna cry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate all this !!!!!!!!! this is all bull shit !!!!!and
now my fucking shoulder hurts like a bitch my throat hurts
I feel so fucking sick to my stomach I wanna just kill over
now ! why does my life have to be so fucked up !God I am so
fucked up right now ..