My Journal
2000-10-15 19:59:52 (UTC)

Hey, Well sorry I didn t get to..


Well sorry I didn't get to write anymore yesterday. I went and
saw "Meet The Parents" and it was hilarious (w/ my friend Leah from
church) and then I went and spent the night @ Leah's house last
night. We had fun. We didn't do much actually. I don't know if I
wanna go there again or not...she's 13 and I'm 16, and she's kinda,
well, immature and sometimes annoying, but I'll still be friends w/
her, of course, I don't wanna be rude. I'm not like that :). *sigh*
tomorrow is Monday, another week at school. I like going to school, I
just don't like the work part, lol...I like to see my friends though,
and the guys :) hehehe

I wanna go to my friend's church tonight, but I dunno what they do on
Sunday nights and what time they start and i can't get a hold of
Natalie. *sigh* hopefully I will before it starts, lol..ok well im
going to end this now, and ill write more later, if not today,