Baby Story
2002-03-05 22:23:50 (UTC)

21 weeks 6 days

Goodness, it looks as though this is going to become a
weekly thing!!! Oh well, its better than nothing, right?
I never even get a chance to post on my message boards
anymore, which is sad, because I really miss it. But my
job is very demanding... don't get me wrong, I LOVE it!
Anyhow, I have GREAT NEWS!!! I FOUND an apartment!!!
Yipee!!! I am sooo excited. Its only a one bedroom but its
so big that it will make due for the first year that the
baby is born. Its got a large livingroom, newly carpeted.
A LARGE kitchen, with new linoleum, a dishwasher, all new
appliances, a section for a table and even a desk and LOTS
of cupboards!!! And its got a SPACIOUS bathroom with a new
shower and room for shelves and all. Its got a HUGE closet
with a washer and dryer hook-up. And its got a LARGE
bedroom (room enough for the crib, a queen size bed,
dresser and more) with 2 double sized closets, and newly
carpeted. And to top it all off, I have a patio to put
lawn furniture on and a yard to go "play" in. Its in a
GREAT neighborhood where other families live, and Im just
SOOO excited!!! I don't move in until mid-May, but that
will give us some time to save money and be prepared. This
is all so good. Im so happy!!!!

The baby is doing wonderful. We took a trip to my mothers
house this past weekend and relaxed a whole bunch. It was
really nice to see my family and spend some time with my
high school friends. Come to find out there are a few of
them who are expecting around the same time that I am!
what a coincidence! The baby is moving around, kicking,
and punching constantly. My belly has grown to about 41
inches, and I have gained TOO much weight, hehe... but
thats life!

Well, I probably have so much more to say, but Im at work
and need to finish up here. Hope everyone is doing good!!!