a little piece of me
2002-03-05 22:05:24 (UTC)

another shitty day

yes, my dearest diary, today sucked. first off, 8:00
classes are just a bitch. anyway, got home today and came
in to let muj out (he was waiting by the door). i looked
in and saw blood everywhere. he had blood on his wings and
tail, too. i was freaking out. my poor baby got hurt, and
i wasn't here to help him. i feel so bad still. turns
out, he ripped a feather out. i called the vet, and she
said to keep an eye on him, but he should be ok. i'm still
worried sick about him, but he acts fine. i kept him out
with me while i was home. he ran around, chewed up the
phone book, etc. then he came over and curled up by my
face and took a nap. poor thing. he seems fine, now.
just worried about him.

got another parking ticket today. the damn lot was closed,
so i had to park by the art building. the meters there are
only for an hour, and i was so involved with what i was
doing that i completely forgot to feed the meter every
hour. urgh. i'll live, i guess.

tonight i have to go work on my metals in polish up my
boot. it's glazed and everything, but i want to give it
another coat..there are a few places showing though that
need touched up, but i was out of time. i also have to
finish up my metals stuff. we have until the end of class
tomorrow, but i want to get as much done tonight as i can.
that way i can leave early. gotta start getting packed
up. leaving thursday night for louisiana! well, actually,
going to my parents house, but still. we'll be heading off
from there friday morning. i'm a little more excited now.
bought several books, have shitloads of batteries, and some
sketchbooks. if i have to spend most of my time alone, i'm
fine. as long as i have books, music, and art stuff, i'm

lester, thanks for the poem :) i'm feeling much better
today. working on the art stuff has really helped. i'll
write you back soon. have a few errands to run right now.
thanks for being so understanding :)