Dreaming Of Everything
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2002-03-05 21:35:43 (UTC)

Baby this is me...

How can people be so hypocritical? They say one thing, but
then they go and do the exact opposite!!!! GR! James (my
friend) his fiance called off their whole relationship,
which is whack cause he gave her everything!!! I mean, it
wasn't the smartest thing for James to do because he said
he saw it coming..but people are making fun of him and he
feels really bad!! Especially one person, because she hates
him a lot, and I don't understand how someone can hate a
person so much for some fickle thing that they did! It's
like fighting over who got the bigger piece of pizza. I
saw a couple of people from camp last night, and it was
just like a refresher on how I am acting and how I treat
people. yeah, so I might write a little more later, but i
have some homework to do. Later.