sheesh ya fuck
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2002-03-05 21:31:40 (UTC)

shot down disciples

torches breathe my heart
i will be your guide although
im falling off of feeling
they have lost their eyes
im falling out of feeling
its never i really mean
i really mean never
i know i never really mean to mean really to know mean to
really mean really mean really know and really mean
fuck this
sleep in caskets so we can bring the creatures home
((they arent safe))
and they will evolve so bueatifully
black butterfly standards
cant hear without you my brain spins in place to be alone
to hiss back at evrey soundful laughter you place comforting
make love to me just drag it out today i promise to rid you
of the blacck butterfly standards plunging at the surfaces
in mania eating evrey last piece of red lust..your tummy is
filled with black butterfly standards i build off onto
their wings stop suffering let go let me die

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