AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-03-05 21:05:57 (UTC)

Oh some more news

Today the Juniors had some kinda big test(the one you need
to pass h.s.), and so the soph.'s were left in the gym for
3hours to play in a volleyball tournament or sit on the
bleachers. so i sat on the bleachers(even tho i'm a kick
ass v-baller), and i had like 5 teams i was sposed to be on
but blew em off(cuz of my bad mood). neways, joe n.(from
early entries) was kinda behind us and he like climbed over
rob and is sitting infronta me and leaning on my legs and
hes like "mind if i use ur legs?", but the thing w/ joe is
he has a deep voice n i had no clue wat the hell he was
saing....and that continued for a few hours, and my foot
fell asleep.

andrew smith's surprise bday party is friday at 8 at corey
n robs house.

maybe i should become a nun, n shun away all the men in the