Why Me ?
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2002-03-05 20:58:07 (UTC)

Holding Back?

i keep talking to sam on the phone. im so glad that we can
still at least be friends, i wish we were more though. it
seems to me like everyone that is telling her to go back
out with me is getting through to her, althought she is
holding back from dumping kyle because. . . i dunno? we
aren't constantly fighting like we did when we first broke
up which is a good thing. but we also never fought before
we broke up. it was the perfect relationship, i could tell
her everything, i told her my deepest, darkest secrets. and
i didnt even think twice about it. i felt comfortable
around her, i could be myself, i wasn't trying to impress
her, i was just me. i miss her so much. she always seems to
be on the phone with someone else now, i feel like she is
trying to slowly let me out of her life, but i will not let
her. i called and finally got through after an hour of
getting the busy signal, and then i wouldnt let her off of
the phone, she was mine for that few moments i had her on
the phone. now i am just sitting here thinking about her,
realizing she is at school with kyle, and i am here all
alone. i wish i could just turn back time, and make things
like they were before.

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