The meanderings of a mind
2001-05-08 05:31:57 (UTC)

baby names

Where did these names come into play? It started with
April, and Heather, and we have Freedom,
Dakota, Dallas, Cherry....I don't get it. I thought I
should name my kids after diseases...sexually transmitted
diseases at that. I mean how great would it be to be named
Herpes? You could conceivably just name kids random
words...This is my daughter Tree. I am certain I will name
my kids after dead presidents. I will just combine their
last names. It sounds nice, and They won't worry about
having a name that is so popular there are seven "Herpes"
for instance in their class. Herpes isn't the prettiest
word for a disease, but it is the only one I can spell. Why
give a kid a name they can't spell until the ninth grade?
No one likes my baby names, well that's ok...I don't like
them either! I guess I am done rambling....Prolly not...but
I am still going to my car.

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