No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-05 19:46:18 (UTC)



I scare myself sometimes,
I act but it isn't me,
I have impule thinking,
And a long to be loved.

I'm not the usual girl,
I'm not an open book,
I don't wear my emotions on my sleve.
The signals most girls send,
Don't usually apply to me.

I don't sugar-coat the truth,
I'm straight forward and blunt.

I don't want to hurt anyone,
That's where I get myself in trouble.

I don't want to hurt you,
But I don't to hurt him either,
I need to know if there will ever be an "us"
I need to know right now.

But I'll stuff this deep inside,
And continue the battle in my head and mind.

~Ashley Bott 3/28/02

Just to let you know, the person some of my poems are about
doesn't read this diary, in fact, they don't know it
exisits. Some people can dream up crazy things about my
poems, please don't! If you are reding this, it isn't about
you, unless someone told you about this, but I highly doubt
that, and believe me you know who you are becuase I have
already mentioned stuff to you. ok!? love you guys.

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