The meanderings of a mind
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2001-05-08 05:23:12 (UTC)

another day

I got my grades off line today. I failed the class
from hell with a C. A C is known as average, why can't I be
average in an above average class? I am now on honors
probation, will I have to have a probabtion officer that
smells bad and wears cheap suits and expects me to tell him
what I have to do every night, and watches my studies like a
hawk? I doubt it. That is a scary thought. Of course with
the great reasoning power of the Honors Program they make
the class harder than most UPPER UPPER level classes and
expect you to do better as well. Makes A LOT of sense to
me. I got a B and four A's...not bad at all. Especially
with the course load I was carrying...My shoulders are
stooped from all the extra weight. There is a huge bug in
my room. My friend told me to capture it. I don't want to
get that close to it. I think I'll sleep somewhere else
tonight, and not just because I'm too lazy to clean off my
bed...what happens if the huge bug, I think it is a moth
from chernobyl....moths aren't THAT big are they?...oh yeah
back to my thought. What if this small animal with wings
procreates during the night and I am carried off to the wood
where they hold a tribal meeting and decide to sacrifice me
at their alter made of grass glued together with saliva? Or
worse, it might eat me. Come to think of it...I might go
and sleep in my car.....with the windows up and the doors
locked so the flying beast can't get in. car
sounds good.