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2002-03-05 19:46:06 (UTC)

Because We Can

"Because we can can can! Yes we can can can can can can can
can!" "Everybody can can!"
Right now I am sitting in my third period computerized
office class (you'll find that this is where I do most of
my writing because I haven't much time to write elsewhere).
I am listening to my fav soundtrack to, what else but?
Moulin Rouge!!! Yes, I know, I'm a little bit obsessed, but
who isn't obsessed with something? I am so tired right now.
Yesterday we started dress rehearsals for Kiss Me Kate (or
KMK as I will refer to it). We were at the theater from 3-
10pm. we'll be there later tonight because we're running
tech as well. I don' know if I'm happier being a cockroach
(stage crew member) or being onstage (I mean, not like I’m
a lead, no, "Alena's not talented enough to be a lead" I’m
just a company member and the doorman). I mean, the singing
and dancing part is great, but I hate memorizing lines. I'm
not good at it. I'd much rater improve. But I’m not all
that great at that either. Oh well, I have more fun with
it. So anyway, yesterday at rehearsal, we had to get into
our costumes. Some of them are really nice (like our
renaissance dresses) but some (our “too darn hot" outfits)
are hideous! They are NOT from the 40's era; I don't care
what the costumers say. People did not wear neon orange and
green short alls in the 40's! Thank God for Jenn, my
vintage mama. She is of average size, so most of us ended
up raiding her closet full of vintage skirts and tops. We
actually look pretty good now. My outfit is a black corset
type top (which was NOT easy to get on) and a black and
white linen paisley skirt. It’s very cute, but very
uncomfortable, and I have to wear the top underneath all of
my other costumes because if I take it off, I won't be able
to get it back on in time for my quick-change scenes. Oh
well, I’d rather be uncomfortable then look awful. Plus, I
don't mind the looks I’ve been getting from some of the hot
guys in the cast. :P. Hee hee. Speaking of boys,
errrrr...boys are bad! My ex bf is on the crew and he makes
me feel extremely uncomfortable, but I have to learn to
deal with it if I’m going to be in drama, that's the way it
goes. His looks were NOT appreciated at all. Hee hee, I
should file for sexual harassment like Denise did! J/K. I
wouldn't do that. Well, hmmm... road block, can't think,
change of CD, that might help.

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