2002-03-05 19:44:33 (UTC)

Im going crazy, out of my mind.......

Hey yall, I know its been forever since ive wrote in here
but im at school and really bored so....oh well i just
thought Id write...
My life is screwed up, I mean I've lost Krista, this time
for good until she gets 18. Thats like FOREVER. But anyways
Rachael is being a really great friend to me and Krista
right now. She told me that whenever She found out about
marty that krista went out into the hallway at school and
got on her knees and started screaming, Im really scared
for her because she is sooooo depressed.
Ok I started talking to homer about 3 weeks ago, weve been
talking on the phone and things and he asked me out the
other day. I wrote him a letter explaining to him a promise
that i had made someone that i wouldnt go out with anyone
until a certain day (theres a reason for that but im not
getting into that)but Its like everysince then hes acted
aweful. and im getting tired of fussing with him. We argued
the other night for nearly 3 hours over... i dont even
remember. But he always calls and apologises but still its
getting old really fast.
But also Randy will be back in exactly 8 days so Thats
really good and ill be very happy to be able to talk to him
again. I hate not being able to talk to him, Ireally love
him and dont really care what NO ONE has to say about that.

I got to go because this class is almost over, Itll probly
be forever before i write in here again because im always
writing in my diary that my poetry is in... so Im going..


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