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2001-05-08 05:18:08 (UTC)

Monday Night

Well, I did not do anything tongiht. I called a few people,
I talked to Christy, and Rachel and Oriol. It was awesome to
talk to them. I talked to Carla Schmedge too. So I have
planns for this week. I am meeting Christy at McNally
tommorow night to see Jon play. I am going out for wings
with Carla and Nat hopefully on wensday. And on thrusday I
am doing something with Oriol and Rachel and possibly
Chelsea. That will be fun because I have not done anything
with them for a while. I really need to get in touch with
Andrea again, and Becky Quantz. I should also call Megan,
and Aurelie and Holly and I should see what Jen is doing,
and Ang Fast and and and. So many people. Mellissa I should
call sheila and lin. I feel as though I am not quite the
maid of honor that I should be. I want to help her but I do
not know what more I can do. I know! I will host a shower
for her. or at least be involved in that. I should call ang,
and her mother, and mellisa, YEs- that is what I need to do,
maybe we can have it when i am in town in July (around the
7th) or so. if I don't have a job- maybe mom and dad will
want to stay down in Manitoba for a while after the
Dennis reunion. yes- we will have to see about that. However
tomorow will come first. Jon called me tonight to let me
know when he would be playing. I needed that, you know- that
he really wants me to be there( not ME for any reason) but
just that I will know what time he is playing. he is
considerate in that way. I could read into it and be like (
AH ha!! so he does love me- he called me to let me know what
time he would be playing. No- I just think that he is the
type of person to tell everyone and invite everyone to go. I
am going no matter what- before 8:00 cuz that is when he is
scheduled to play- I need to get a good seat after all, and
settle down with a good cup of coffee. Well here is to
another good night- and another day that I have been blessed
with. Off to bed now