Absinthe Inspired Ramblings...
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2002-03-05 19:18:26 (UTC)

Nature Girl

"There was a [girl], a very strange enchanted [girl]..."
This is just a little about me before i start rambling on
about my problems and stuff. I'm a senior in high school in
a god forsaken little city in southern California (about 30
minutes from LA). I'm a spazmatic little drama queen and I
LOVE Moulin Rouge (any other fanatic can tell by the name).
I waste my time around here participating in my high school
drama groups productions (this year we've done Hamlet,
we're currently working on Kiss Me Kate, and our next show
is Bus Stop). I am the alto section leader in my schools
honor choir (even though i'm really a mezzo soprano). I am
also in the Academy of the Performing Arts in my high
school district (the Musical Theater Division and the Vocal
Performance Division). The musical theater division is
putting on a crazy production of Pirates of Penzance in
May. The Vocal Performance Division is also putting on a
showcase in May, the theme for that one is Music from
Movies. I'm working on the theme from Pearl Harbor (I HATE
the movie, but the song reminds me of my good buddy zack
and makes me cry). As you can all probably tell, I'm not
shy at all, but I like to please other people before i
please myself. I LOVE music, not just one certain type,
either, I love ALL music, pop, rock, hip hop, broadway,
jazz, classical, even some country! "Peace to the Arts" So
most of the time, I'll use songs as the titles for my
ramblings. Whatever I'm in the mood for. Well... I guess
you've learned enough about me for now, so on with the show!

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