The lost little girl
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2002-03-05 18:02:43 (UTC)

i agree with laura,...titles are pointless

well it's offical...next week me and chris are going back to
buffalo for the baby shower. i've been making lists of
things i need to bring with me.see i have this thing when i
go back there...i always forget something or another. so i
figure if i plan everything out..i won't. or at least that
is the logic i'm using now.
i am wicked stoked to see everyone. it's gonna be half
family, half people i grew up knowing through my sis. it's
gonna be cool. i'm taking chris to a bunch of places. Home
of the hits, sweet tooth, lots more. and hopefully i will
have the luck my father has had lately. see there are a lot
of famous people who live in the buffalo area. For instance
in the past three weeks my father has run into Ani DiFranco
and Robbie Goo...well you know him as a member of the goo
goo dolls. I have known robbie and johnny since i was real
well i have to go now. we have a bird stuck in our basement
and we need to get it out. it's happened before...just not
this retardedly. ok..so i will talk to you later. love you

daily quote:
" you treat me like,
i'm a princess
i'm not used to
likeing that..." - alanis