Autumn Always
2002-03-05 16:39:01 (UTC)


Yesterday was my first day at the kennel. It went
wonderfully! The day goes by pretty quickly because there's
so much to do. In the morning when I get there I clean out
the cat room. Wiping everything down, chaninging litter and
giving water. Then we vaccume the floor and mop it. Next we
cleanout the dog cages while the dog is still in it. No
easy task but a fun one! We put down new nespaper or towls
if they need it, empty old water bowls put them in the sink
and give them new water, clean out empty stalls and mop the
floor. Then we walk the dogs two at a time outside. Once
they are in we get there food ready and deliver it to dogs
and cats. Then we can lunch if we like. After lunch we do
dishes, the cat litter boxes and water bowls. We feed them
again and take them out around 3. We vaccume the floors and
mop them, straighten up and in spare time do newspapers.
This consists of taking hordes upon hordes of newspapers
out and setting them up. I swear the whole place runs on
newspaper. At 5 we do spot checks. Not cleaning out the
whole cage just making sure they are neat and have water.
We cleanthe drying room and surgery room recovery. It's a
ton of work and every single muscle in my body is throbbing
maddly but I'll get used to it and it will do wonders
toning my body! I love all the animals. They are so sweet.
I'm happy there :) I feel so positive for a change. I have
off Tue and Fri this week and work the weekend. Next week I
have off tue sat and sun so we only work every other
weekend. And everyone there is really nice! There's a cat
and a dog that came from the same household. They were
found playing with a dead bat and the bat tested positive
for rabbies. They've gotten the shots and have been there 6
months. They are 90% sure they don't have rabbies but they
are so desperate and needy for attention and love it breaks
my heart. When no ones looking I sneak over to them and
scratch there buts or sides, anywhere away from face or
nails through the cage. They seem greatfull. How lonly it
must have been.But all went well :) Today I want to clean
my room a bit and play with some pictures. I'm feeling kind
of meloncholly because last night I had a strange dream. It
just makes me nostalgic, and I always wonder... but some
thigns are better left unsaid and dwelling gets you
nowhere. So insted I'm going to privatly dwell by listening
to music ;p *sigh* Off I go then :)