The Daily Babble
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2002-03-05 16:32:52 (UTC)

March Already?!

Unbelieveable, its March already! This is going to be
quite a month! First a quick update.

Last Friday me and Jeff went on a date. =-) We went to
see "40 Days & 40 Nights"...which was crude but funny
nonetheless. It was TOTALLY uncomfortable because there
was like 10-year-olds there and there were also 50-year-
olds! It was quite the crowd. Afterwards, I wanted to go
to Olive Garden but it was PACKED! So we ended up going to
the usual Charlie Brown's. Oh well. On the way there,
Merissa called and accepted our dinner invitation for this
coming Friday and also told us she got a job! So that was
pretty exciting. We had a good time at Charlie Browns
except for a stupid comment I made at one point. =-(

Over the weekend, I didn't really do much but study...I
felt really sick for some totally exhausted,
I didn't have the energy to do anything! I did go to my
aunt's to meet with the DJ for the wedding though. Turns
out that I know him cuz he goes to NJIT! So that was kinda
weird. Also saw my cousin Vikas cuz he came by so that was

Christine called at one point and I talked to her for like
2 hours! We discussed wedding stuff and personal stuff.
=) I was supposed to go out with Cathlin that night but I
just didn't have the energy for it--plus my mom
was that. But she called me later telling me she ran into
Jill at B&N. That was interesting.....So I defintely took
everything personally and I'm now thinking Jill has some
personal issues against me which is why she hasn't
contacted yesterday I left a voicemail on her
phone...I kind of regretted it afterwards, but at the same
time I feel a little better knowing that I've now tried
everything possible and there's nothing else I can do. So
I'm just trying not to think about it. ARGH. Jeff thinks
I shouldn't have done it, but its too late now....

Umm...guess that's all...I just got out of a killer exam
and I've got two more this week and then two more the week
after that! Plus projects galore! Hawaii is going to be a
much needed vacation!! I can't wait!

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