Beanie Babys Life
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2002-03-05 12:10:31 (UTC)


Today was so fun I guess....

Well I was all hypo today but by the end of the day I ended
up in tears. Dunno how that happens but it always does.

At lunch I was at the gym with corrinne and Gray, grova and
thom were there. I was flurting with Gray and felt his
muscles oooh hottie as! I have a thing for guys and muscles
now a full on turn on. then thom ha he is so funny he wet
his shirt where his nipple is and was touching it and it
was so funny..

Hippo was wetting me and melissa and he goes damn why cant
you guys be in white shirts it was soo was a
funny day but in the end as i ended up in tears that was
with thom. he blocked me and was talking to corrinne and i
thought he was cracking on to her so i got pissed off and
deleted him. grova was being so nice. he goes when you
walked passed guy they go wooo check out that hottie and
fall in love with you.. i was like aww how cute.

Derric I blocked then he blocked me and I blocked him then
we did it again, and I was crying cause I was so cut and I
felt like cutting myself but I had a ciggarette instead.
made me feel better, then deck unblocked me and i was all
better and it was cool he goes. i love not mean. i
was like aww mad you made my day man. then thom unblocked
me too and we talked for a while then almost started
talking dirty till he didnt know how to do it and i found
it so funny...

well today was an alright day... was happy then sad then
happy.... the usual hahaha. well gotta cruise

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