The Land of OZ
2000-12-10 03:59:07 (UTC)

Well here I am and there you. I..

Well here I am and there you. I hope that you are listen.
I have tons to say. My world is: college student with
learning disablity, father is a transexual, working at a
demanding job with students with physical disablities,
don't sleep without drugs, am a mother to everyone I know.
I don't take much time for myself. I have lost myself to
other people. I give everyone alittle piece of me,
wellexcept guys. I have a hard time trusting them do to
things in the past. I do have a boyfriend and I work very
hard to trust him. I am very in control of my life. I
like it that way but i need to let go to me. I just have
to find my way.