2002-03-05 09:43:14 (UTC)


wow, this one'll be an actual "diary" type entry O.O
actually more of a complaining entry. : *shrugs*

it's approximately 3:00 am (give or take) and i'm peer
editing a paper written by one of my classmates. she seems
rather sweet, but lacks writing skills most definately. i
know mine aren't perfect either, but at least my sentences
can last over 8 words. maybe i'm just cranky this morning.

well, while i'm crabbing, i may as well throw other stuff
in there too. hey, we all need bitch sessions, right?

cisco is getting incredibly tiresome. i think i'm just
getting sick of reading and memorizing all the different
commands for a router. Oh, we've only been doing that since
the beginning of second semester...

on the lighter side, (strangely enough) calc isn't killing
me anymore. it's getting really easy- and it's freaking the
hell out of me. just wait, we'll get to one chapter that's
got the same effect as speaking hebrew to me.
there is no glass... ._.

pre-calc is boring as can ever be. LaMaster still refuses
to use anything except her precious over-head projector.
there's been rumors going around her classes that she
brings it home with her. O.o now that's disturbing. I was
tempted to draw a demented picture of her marrying the damn
thing, but decided against it. hey, 3 hours of sleep give
me strange ideas like that.

yesterday gothie molested me big-time; i'm not sure if
that's a good or bad thing though. poor fluffy got scared
because i was using her as a pillow when she (gothie) did
and i started giggling. IT TICKLED DAMMIT!

speaking of gothie... i've got to remember to get her a
squeaky chicken leg or something. it'll save fluffy the
pain of getting gnawed on every day.

*sigh* i suppose i should get back to editing that paper. i
pity that poor girl. if her reflective paper was like this,
Fredrick's gonna rip it to shreds (not literally). maybe i
can help her out some with this one.
winamp, don't fail me now...