down in my eyes
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2002-03-05 07:53:06 (UTC)

He's not in sight..

I havent spoken to him.. in the last few days. I
know it's really nothing, but it feels like soo long.
I miss him alot..

"You aren't in sight,... you aren't in sight."


Kill Me Later is an AWESOME movie. I don't have a
*fave movie as of yet,.. but this is definately at
the top, on my Kool movie list. Shawn (Selma Blair's
character) really reminds me of myself, my emotions.

If i could run quotes from the movie that I LOVE, all
of Selma's lines would be up..
So, randomly, here's a couple of my favorite:

.: (talken to her father):
"I know why you left mom... ..Dad, i was TEN.
I SWEAR, if i could have, i would have left her TOO...
But.. WHY did you have to leave ME?..." :.

.: Beesley: "So, tell me.. why would a girl like YOU
want to kill herself?"

Blair: "Unbearable emotional suffering." :.

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