Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-08 02:28:50 (UTC)

*Methadone clinic? Nah, turns out she was only trying to kill herself.....*

Oh yeah, i never wrote about what happened today when i was
with kat. Ok, i think i have metioned before that kat is
outwardly happy and perky but is in fact deppressed and
getting "treated" for it. She told me what happeded when
she was int he hospital for a week. I was showing her the
tinny scar i had on my hand from when my bunny scratched me
last year... and she not so subtley showed me her wrist
which had a huge welt on it right below her palm... and me
as always trying to see the best in people and not wanting
to admit to myself the bad, i think she got if from some
sort of accident she had... like a rather large paper cut
she must have gotten from an industrial sized piece of
cardboard... but no. She says to me, yes i did it myself
on pourpose... then i started mumbling oh... i didnt
know.... i had no idea.... but then she said to me she saw
the look on her face that some people have given her... i
think it was a look of concern on my part... damn, i hate
it when my face betrays me likt that! It normally never
happens but i guess she sprung this upon me so quickly i
didnt have time to collect myself. But you dont know how
much this means coming from her.... she wouldnt tell anyone
what happened and she tells me.... now i know she trusts me
which is good. Just think, sunny trackstar perky little
kat trying to do that to herself. But yeah.... then we
walk to CVS and i get a new lip gloss! Its really pretty
and it smells good.... peach! I love my pinks! Kats
bringing her prom dress pic for me to see tomorrow... its
lavender which should be pretty, mines ice blue. I still
need to find some eye shadow that goes well with my eyes
AND my dress, which is gonna be kinda hard.... what goes
good with ice blue and green? Oh yeah, my hairs gonna be a
factor in there too.... what goes good with blonde, ice
blue, AND green?