1 day in a life as it dies
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2002-03-05 05:42:44 (UTC)

a warning if seen right

I add not much to this I am still fighting many things that
need not be known even to myself, today I only right one
feeling and I know not where it will lead, the girl who
would love, many see her as more, I talk to her less and in
his spell she sits now, I fear my foresight on to the world
that has maimed me not to enter it, for this day I see a
distance of much for me but a short one as of the ways of
the world, though you may find the words that follow to be
a jelous path I say not, I cast away feeling and fear only
to help the ones who need it, the spell I have seen before
only from one else and that name was mine, feelings may be
changed or told to change into a lie hard to tell but can
be told, dark lie in his pas but lay and die as let rest
his words may be silk but I think not a magic that only
blinds may droll from his lips. so tell me o wise maid how
is the spell of love that now you drink?