Matt's Ramblings
2001-05-08 01:58:14 (UTC)

I hate Mondays

Today had to be one of the slowest days in the history of
the world. Nothing eventful happened so I decided to do
sort of an autobiography entry thingy in honor of my fourth
fan, Jen. So here it is:

Name: Matt Seth Barron

Favorite Color: Blue

Where do I live: Massachusetts

Favorite Sports: Wrestling (Fake and Real), baseball

Siblings: Little brother, little sister, older brother

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Song: Alive by Pearl Jam

Friends: I have a lot of best friends. Ben, Ross, Alex,
Aaron, Kyle, Jeff and other people that I can't think of
right now.

I can't think right now about anything else. It's late and
I'm tired and I have to do a term paper. If you want to
know anything else about me email me at
[email protected], IM me at MBarr7317, or respond.
Sorry, I'm sure that this is let down for an entry and I am
sorry. I will end with a the TV quote of the week.

"Think happy thoughts, think happy thoughts: puppies, ice
cream, fat people falling." Reese from Malcom in the Middle.

Sorry about the lack of entry.


P.S. Keep the responding coming, fans come to Matt