Pure Belligerence
2001-05-08 01:40:22 (UTC)

* spiteful..... and i like it! lifes more interesting that way*

Heres the story..... my friend alicia who is not friends
with roxy, veronica, and ashley always comes over to our
lunch table for most of lunch and talks to me. She doesnt
have a lunch table she just drifts... mostly to me... what
can i say shes anorexic, she doesnt eat lunch. Well, roxy
and veronica always tell me shes too hyper, and they mean
it in a bad way... so i get talking with veronica and she
says ashley and roxy dont like alicia at all.... so i ask
them about it and they say its not true.... and i told them
not to tell veronica i said anything because she told me
not to.... then veronica doesnt say hi to me at the end of
the day..... so i tell roxy about and she said it was
because it their art class roxy and ashley confronted her
about it and she denied the whole thing.... said
i "misunderstood her" but ash and roxy believed me and not
her at all... because she always lies and starts trouble
and they know how she is. I talk about then with other
people when im mad at them for some reason. I mean, i dont
do it to be spiteful, i do it because theyre all my friends
and i need to talk to them about this kind of thing. Ok
hold up, i just lied, i do do it to be spiteful. Im a
spiteful bitch. No use lying to my diary right? So now
roxy ashley and veronica are in a huge fight about it...
and i'll probably play the role i always do... the go
between who isnt on anyones side (outwardly) because im too
damn dependent to have one less friend for a day!

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