the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-03-05 03:17:03 (UTC)

drop out

thats right as of tomorrow I am offically a drop out ..
well in swim team that is .. I hate my coach and I can not
function in that class with her constantly yelling at
me .. I am just like screw this I don't need the credit
and I am so tired of her belittleing me .. and u know what
I have had it .. so I am going to club swim .. I can not
swim for Cinco anymore but u know what tomorrow in the
princepals office while my dad is bitching at her for
making me cry I am just going to sit back and look atr her
with this smugg I won look .. so hah .. I mean lets recap
why she is a pethetic lozer and can only feel good about
herself when she belittles people at least 20 years younger
than her .. she is devorced .. 36 to 37 no kids lives at
home is a hishschool coach while her father supposidly
trains olimpians ... I mean come on I guess she just does
not see what her ex husband saw that she is a BITCH !!!!!!
thats right I hope to hell she gets what is coming to her
tomorrow .. I mean I seriously think my dad is going to
yell and freak out on her .. and tell her how
unprofessional she is and how she needs to get a life and a
real job and not to forget who she works for !
I mean this has just been a shity day ,, I have not spoken
to Josh .. he has not tried to call me .. and I am like
okay yeah u suck .. and like I dunno my grades need
improvement and I miss my friends and I might not get to
see them this weekend and over spring break if my hard nose
History teacher gives my mom a bad report .. my life is
hell right now and I have no one to hold me and I am lonely
and want to cry and I want to freak out and damn it I hate
all this .. I can do better and don't I deserve someone ...
I mean really I don't think I am asking to much .. it would
really help to have someone to talk to about all this ..
however I don't have that person and I feel like such a
lozer .. why can't I just find a nice cute non annoying
guy .. I eman Josh fits the catagory but he woin't call me
and I refuse to call him .. I have made my one call and he
did not call me .... so I am just like bahh why do u have
to suck !
apparently I am not desirable b/c it seems like I have no
pressuers and damn I deserve some ! well I mean I think i
have been in my share of crappy relationships and well why
can't i just have that one nice guy who does everything
for me and is not annoying and is cute and dresses nice can
dance and has a job and makes money and treats me good ..
everyone eles seems to be content and have found that
special one and here I am .. the out sider once again ..
god what do I keep doing wrong ..
well I dunno the nun thing i looking pretty good right
now .. bahh