emotionally tired

emotionally tired
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2002-03-05 02:14:55 (UTC)

no sleep

hey peeps, sup? nm here i've been going all day on no
sleep. last night i couldn't get to sleep so i stayed up
cleaningmy room till my alarm went off. it's a weird
feeling to still be up when the alarm goes off. i drank
near 2 pots of coffee to stay awake today, didn't work
though. by the time i got to school i was hyper from the
caffine but falling over from no sleep, quite an odd
combo. i had to stay after school till 6pm for musical
rehearsals. then my grandparents took us out to dinner, it
was fun. well i think that's the extent of my day, cept
that my bf is being annoying and bothering me about how i
didn't get to sleep last night, like it's my fault or
something, oh ya and i'm freezing... oh well.

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