Penny for my Thoughts
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2001-05-07 23:30:35 (UTC)

I heard the other day that you..

I heard the other day that you were coming here. Wasn't too
happy about it, but the moon didn't seem to mind. We talked
for awhile and as the day drew to an end, I realized that
things would never be as simple again. Ever since that day,
I remember thinking about how I would never feel the same
about any man that wanted to step foot in my life. I shared
that same feeling with the moon that night. Dredful bits of
terrible light that seemed to seep out of the corners of
his eyes. He expected me to look away, but I couldn't. The
air tasted like a sour lemon, and felt as if I were eating
it with the bareness of my flesh. All exposed as though my
heart were striped of its air flow. It was so sad that day.

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