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2001-05-07 23:15:41 (UTC)

Advanced Placement for the Andvanced?

HHHMMMMmmmm... Advanced placement for the advanced.
This is hard for me to believe, because just today, I took
the advanced placement Literature test. Which could place
me in Junior english... not freshman for my begining
college courses. BLAAAHHH! I can't believe college is
coming up right behind me! Sometimes I just want to run
and hide; however, I keep forgetting that there isn't such
a place. I have to bit things in the ass when they sneak
up behind me. Not literally... don't go giving me any porn
mail! I hate that stuff... it gives me the creaps.
Tomorrow I have to take the Macomb placement test.
Yuck! How many tests are consisted in this world we call
civilized! I can't take any more! I guess we'll just see
how I do. Hopefully I don't pass out and die
from "learning" intake. LOL... I'm so funny! Not
really... just dumb sometimes.
My life is so boring! That's about all that is going
on. Test, after test, after test. I guess I have to prove
myself to someone out there in the test taking world. (I
don't believe I will ever succeed).
Ok, well Math is calling me along with my Power Point
presentation. Don't ask. Ok, now I am really going to
leave. Oh, and always remember the key words kids, "Rock
hard and ride free." L-I-S-A

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