Electric monkey
2002-03-05 01:08:12 (UTC)


wow, talk about me not writing in a while! sorry about
that.. and i really havnt been too busy or anything so i
dont know what happened. right now life is going a little
slow. i got all new classes today at school, and i dont
have any art classes, and i live for art classes.. s thats
pretty sad. then i dont have a class with Mr Sobiech
anymore either, but i went to see him today during the
passing period before 5th period. i got my final exam back
and i got a B [so close to an A-!]on it, so thats pretty
good. im happy with that, because it wasnt the easiest
final ever, German 1-2.. heh.. =P dont laugh. well, now ive
got English 12-2, Government, Physics and Yearbook. all
academic classes besides yearbook.. so i think this
trimester will go by a little slower then the last. plus
its my last trimester of High School ever. so yay..
now im trying to make graham feel a little better. he's
recently lost a loved one. i had a good talk with him about
it. *sigh* what a damper.. =
well, im going to go now, so, ill write later.