Queen Bee

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2002-03-05 01:04:32 (UTC)

sick and tired.

I am sick and tired of going around in circles with my
ex. because all the of the realtionships i have been in we
have jsut gone around in circles. the ones i had with him
and my other ex b/f. and yesterday i was so ready to give
up on me and him (if there is a me and him left) Because i
am so tired of not knowing whats going on inside that head
of his. so Raven called him and pretty much told him that
we needed to talk cuz i didnt deserve to be dragged round
like that and that whatever his decision is he needed to
let me know and if he ever wanted another chance with me we
would have to talk. but we never got to cuz he feel asleep
and i was thinking about calling him or going over there
but i feel kinda weird calling and seeing him now even
though we are still friends. i just so really want to give
up on me and him right now. Today i was looking at raven
and her b/f and i just really wanted that, they would die
for each other, and they love each other and i want that
and i know it takes time but im willing to work if that
other person would cuz i want to love someone and have them
love me back but i dont have anyone who cares about me, and
even though they say my ex cares i dont feel like he does
and i know he has a hard time showing me his feelings but
if he would tell me ho whe feels about me i could tell him
how i feel about him but icant cz i dont knwo if he feels
that way too but i dont wnat to be the one always having to
do all the work cuz i cant do that all the time i need to
know that the personi am with cars about me enough to do
that. I should jsut give up ion realtionships cuz i only
get one thing outta em...hurt.

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