my pathetic life
2002-03-05 00:34:38 (UTC)


Well this is my first entry so u get 2 sit there and listen
(not really) to me bitch. well lately my friends have been
comin up to me and asking crap like "whats wrong", "y r u
sad" and "do u need a hug". first of all if i want 2 b
bitchy and pissed off i can b and leave me alone unless u
want 2 get ur head bitten off. let me give u guys some
advice, if some1 seems pissed off, they probly are, and
dont go and try 2 make them better cuz ur just gona make
them even more mad.
well i dont get a lot of emails but it seems like the
onyl emails i get r for porno sites. i dont no y they
email me this crap or how they got my email. i try 2 get
rid of them but they keep on coming. its so annoying i go
2 check my mail and all i see is "hardcore lesbians" and
"hot teenagers XXX". i mean if i really wanted 2 c some
people have sex i would go find a site on my own.
well on a lighter note, im so excited about this
weekend. on the 9th one of my favorite emo bands is coming
to town and im sooo happy. TWOTHIRTYEIGHT!! i luv them,
there really good. its the only thing i seem 2 talk about
recently. and all u atl friends i have they're playin down
there on the 8th u should go check them out.
wellim gona leave u with a quote..
"were not twenty-one but the sooner we are the sooner the
fun will begin. so get out your fake eyelashes and fake
ideas and real disasters until its cool to take these
chances its cool to fake romances and grow up fast"
- dashboard confessinal