out of reach
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2002-03-05 00:13:09 (UTC)

zippity do da

it seems as if the winds of change are blowing in my
direction lately. things are looking much brighter than
they have previously. even after a rough friday evening,
i've managed to see the good things in my life.

lately i feel oh so appreciative of erin. thus far, i've
had a rough senior year. it made it a lot tougher when i
saw everyone having "the best time of high school." i'm
still not very fond of the way this year has been in
school. however, erin has been such a wonderful friend to
me this year. she and i have had some wonderful times, and
i'm so happy i have someone like her to relate to.

my anxiety over college has completely diminished now that
i was offered a full scholarship to montclair. though it
may not have been my top choice, i don't think anything
beats a full scholarship. to not have to pay a dime, not
even for my room, would be a blessing. plus i'd be so
close to nyc. i'm starting to think i'd genuinely enjoy it

i'm very excited to meet allie's friend stuart this
upcoming week. i've been talking to him on the internet
and he's so intriguing. our personalities seem so similar
its almost frightening. i'm sure i will enjoy his presence
next week.

cheers to delayed openings these next three days.