No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-03-05 00:12:04 (UTC)

FCAT and Strawberry Festival

hey! today I had FCAT. It was so freaking boring, two 50
minute sessions of freaking reading! I wanted to die and
crawl under a rock.
I went to the Strawberry Festival with ROTC. We rode a
whole ton of fun rides. The guy on Big Ben told us we
needed to make sure our harnesses where right and while we
checked they flung us up. After a while, Alisha and I went
off and rode stuff. We went on the water ride 2x in a row
and FROZE! It was sooo cold without the water, man my hands
turned purple while we were marching and they got swollen
as all get out. But it was fun.
I'm so tired and whipped. I look like a train wreck that
does some heavy drugs and its only 7:10 PM. I'll sleep well
well, i think i'm going to leave you.
"...the only game where girls can cheat.."
"are you saying we suck so bad we need to?"
"no, but it got your attention didn't it?"
"attention this...*grabs ball and throws
it...nothing but net"